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Mama Wachira Childen’s Home

“Archers Post”, Samburu

We at GreatlinkSafaris are convinced: nothing beats the value of our community because we believe it defines who we are by being part of them through sharing and supporting different initiatives which give us more hope for a greater future.
Helping the childen of Mama Wachira who cannot help themselves, fulfills us. We would be happy if you’d join us.

Here we document our projects and visits:

June 2024: new food is needed

The last weeks were not easy for the children. The chicken are still not able to lay eggs and nutrition ran short.

So we are happy we can help again. With the support from our sponsors in Germany (Heinke, Beate, Kalli, Daniela, Kai und Cornelia), George organized a delivery. Thanks to Purity from Isiolo to deliver so promptly!

Mai 2024: Football shoes arrive

Eric, one of the boys at Mama Wachira’s has received football shoes today, donated by Marlene, a 14 years old girl from Germany. George has bought them in Nairobi and sent them to Samburu via matatu. We are happy to see that they fit, and cross fingers for Eric, may he always win with them!

March 2024: George brings back the light

We are happy to tell that we could bring some really necessary help to the childen at Archer’s Post:

  • Material to make the solar system work again, so that the children have light to do their homework when it gets dark.
  • Refill the empty water tanks
  • Bring colthes for the children
  • order food for the next weeks
  • care for food for the chicken

We are grateful for the support of our sponsors in Germany.

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Feeding the chicken:

We hope they will soon start laying eggs.

November 2023: Visiting the children’s home and bringing 4 projects to a good end

With the help of our sponsors, we are happy to announce that we could bring these four construction projects to an end:

  • The new gate is finished.
  • The fence ist repaired.
  • The chicken house is built.
  • The first 120 chicken arrived and are being well cared of.

In addition to this, we brought new clothes for the childen and filled up the food stock for the upcoming weeks.

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Visit 3 on 4.12.2023 – The first 120 chicken have arrived – we have to say goodbye to the children

We are happy to spend some last time with the children – and are shown some exciting changes:

Visit 2 on 24.11.2023

Buying food for the children at 28.11.2023

Good news about the Chicken House at 27.11.2023

Visit 1 on 24.11.2023

November 2023: the new gate

With the help of our sponsors, we could engage a local construction company to renovate the gate. So the childen will be secure again. The work is almost done:

September 2023: Help needed

The gate is damage and has to be redone completely. The children are no longer safe in their compound.

Our biggest wish is to build a shelter for chicken and to buy these animals, so that the children can have fresh eggs regularly and also learn by caring for the animals.

Girls and boys don’t have seperate showers and toilets. They’d appreciate to get doors for privacy.

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May 2023

In May we are happy to be back at Archer’s Post. Fortunately it has rained lately and the water situation has become a bit better. Eva and the children are happy that we kept our promise to come back. Cornelia from Germany has collected money and clothes from family members, friends and neighbours, so we can fulfill some of the most urgend needs. Especially new beds are needed, because of new children arriving, many of them had to share beds up to now. Also new matresses are most welcome too.

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Sunday: beds, matresses and food stocks arrive

Saturday: everything is going well

Thursday and Friday: the first things arrive

November 2022

A happy Sunday at Mama Wachira Children Home

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The situation in Archers Post is difficult. It hasn’t rained for more than two years. Everything is dry. The childrens home is depending on donations. So every help is welcome.

Having a look at Mama Wachira Childrens Home

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On our way in November 2022 – buying food for the children home:

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